"The Hedonist Post is not only inspiring or decorative - the whole spirit around this magazine is unique. You somehow feel like you belong to an exclusive group that shares the same passion, and the magazine brings it to life."

Alexey, Braunschweig

"Hands down the best fine art photography magazine. All around a super high quality experience from the magazine itself to the photographers and models."

Ramin Schultz, Keebos Founder, Los Angeles
Issue II-XXI

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The Hedonist Post features the work of up-and-coming photographers from all around the world. All of our models and photographers are sharing their stories and their perspectives on the hedonistic lifestyle with you.

This is a high-end product printed off-set, using the finest quality of paper for high-resolution images on 86 pages. Our attention to detail guarantees you will appreciate every pixel of our photographers’ work.

The Hedonist Post II/XXI includes:

Photographers Isabel Hayn Jörg Billwitz Niko Neithardt Rogier Alexander Seren Dal Vince Perraud
Model Chuma Chule Uphokuhle Mara Lafontan Nadia Nikkels Stefanie van Aalst Tanja Weber Yana Wex

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"Hedonist Post combines provocative art with beauty and a slight touch of vintage photography to put a delicate not to modern models and photography."

Leon, Sicili

"The Hedonist Magazine is like an aesthetical poem drawn in pictures with amazing artists and models."

Veronika, Heidelberg

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Thanks to our collaboration with One Tree Planted, you plant a new tree for every issue of Hedonist Post you acquire, ensuring the sustainability of our natural world.

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